Agile Courses 

Reliable courses to support the successful implementation of agile practices in your organisation. 

Scrum Certification

Certified Scrum Master® (CSM)Certified Product Owner® (CSPO) etc

Technical Agility

Sharpen your existing engineering skills

and master new ones

NEW! Fundamentals of Machine Learning

11 of February 2019, Tallinn

Trainer: Rafal Lukawiecki

Fundamentals of Machine Learning introduces the most important concepts and tools.

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NEW! Kanban Management Professional

31. January- 01. February 2019, Tallinn

Trainer: Kirill Klimov

The masterclass achieves three goals:

2-day training has short blocks of theory alternate with practice and exercises. Also, the program includes a full-scale simulation of the kanban system in a safe environment

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NEW! #NoEstimates - How to improve software development predictability and profitability

22 January 2019, Tallinn

Trainer: Vasco Duarte

According to scholars Conte, Dunmore and Shens [1] a good estimate is one that is within 25% of the actual cost, 75% of the time.

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NEW! How to succeed as a Product Owner- The Product Owner Toolkit

23 January 2019, Tallinn

Trainer: Vasco Duarte

The vision of this program is to make the values and principles of Agile accessible to every leader by making known the why, what, and how of Agile in a pragmatic and experiential approach.

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